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As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for greater global mobility is steadily growing. Across the economic spectrum, Americans are looking to gain access to business, career, educational and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale. They want to enhance their travel freedom and help mitigate the risks associated with political instability, social unrest and lack of affordable healthcare.

It’s abundantly clear: Having access to alternate residency and citizenship programs has become an essential part of a comprehensive insurance policy for the 21st century.

Comprehensive Insurance
for 21st Century Americans

Health, Dental
& Disabiltiy Insurance

Homeowners, Car
& Property Insurance

Residency & Citizenship Assets

Solutions for Retirees, Plan B Investors and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

This need to remove barriers in order to travel freely and work from anywhere is particularly strong with key segments of U.S. residents, including retirees, Plan B investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In collaboration with our advisor partners, we help them find a cost-effective alternate residency and citizenship program that their clients can use to hedge the “single-country residency risk.”

  • Pre-Retirees & Retirees
  • Plan B Investors
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Key Drivers:
Retire abroad and/or have travel freedom for pleasure, access to quality and affordable healthcare and improved quality of life.

    Potential Solutions:
    Golden Visas, Alternate Passports, Wealth Visas

Plan B Investors

Key Drivers:
Enhance quality of life by purchasing a second home overseas, and/or obtain an alternate residency and citizenship, just in case.

    Potential Solutions:
    Golden Visas, Alternate Passports, Ancestry-based Citizenships

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Key Drivers:
Preserve wealth and eliminate the power governments have in determining your rights to live, travel, work or invest at home or abroad.

    Potential Solutions:
    Digital Nomad Visas, Entrepreneurship Visas, Wealth Visas

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