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Partner Solutions

How Investment Advisors and Their Clients Can Benefit from Our Experience

The team at Global RCG Wealth are pioneers in the alternate residency and citizenship investment industry.


We apply our proven expertise developing new investment mitigation markets overseas to educate and partner with RIAs around this new asset class and ensure they are better equipped to provide highly vetted, cost-effective residency and citizenship solutions to their globally oriented clients.

Track Record

$ 0 Million
Sponsored EB-5 capital
New American Jobs Creted
$ 0 Billion
Financed iconic U.S. projects

Why Work with Us?

Our unique approach of working alongside investment advisors, wealth managers and certified financial planners draws a sharp and much-welcomed contrast with traditional foreign-owned and operated agencies.


Foreign-Owned & Based Industry Establishment

Discover & Assessment


& Selection

Monitor & Compliance

What We Offer:
White-Label Solutions for Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers and Certified Financial Planners

Our platform helps investment advisors dynamically match their clients to their best-suited global mobility solutions, generating the insights and strategies necessary to mitigate mistakes and wasted time/effort.

A Proven Process

To support the needs of our partners and members, Global RCG Wealth provides a thorough, process-oriented engagement model.

  • Eligibility and Discovery

    How do I confirm that I am eligible to apply

90 Days

  • Assessment

    How can i identify the best potential alternatives?

  • Vetting & Selection

    How do i vet opportunites based on foreign countries?

  • Vetting & Selection

    How do i vet opportunites based on foreign countries?

Yearly, Up to 5 Years

  • Monitor & Compliance

    How do I ensure ongoing compliance with program requirements?

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