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The Opportunity

What are Alternate Residency and Citizenship Assets?

Residency and citizenship assets are an alternate asset class that rewards individuals (and their families) with the sovereign residency rights required to live, work, invest or retire in a wide range of attractive destinations around the world.

Sometimes referred to as RCBI, residency-by-investment or citizenship-by-investment, the asset class, though often negatively depicted by the media as being only for jet-setting billionaires, is increasingly being considered by mainstream American investors.

An Asset Class Tailor-Made for a Post-Pandemic America

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in severe international travel restrictions for those who solely possessed residency in their home country.


Travel restrictions were especially bad in the United States, where by September 2020, a U.S. passport holder could only travel visa-free to 86 countries — down from 171 countries the previous year.

An Asset Class That Solves Your Clients’ Real-World Problems

Regaining control over international travel privileges

Work from home means always working

Unhedged exposure to sudden changes in Health Security, Social unrest, U.S. federal and state fiscal policies

Realoccation and diversification of wealth overseas

Preservation of buying power and quality of life

U.S. citizens from every walk of life are growing increasingly concerned about the overall state of our union. Factors like political instability, social unrest and access to affordable healthcare have many Americans strongly considering a Plan B strategy.


As fiduciaries, we have the shared responsibility to always act in the best interest of our clients. This means making the most informed decisions we can based on our client’s specific wants and needs.

Alternate residency and citizenship programs help with the following:


  • Provide much-needed lifestyle insurance in uncertain times
  • Offer timely and cost-effective lifestyle insurance in the pandemic age
  • Ensure additional health security insurance in a post-pandemic era
  • Act as a practical wealth protection insurance policy given central bankers’ money-printing activities

Client Benefits that Span Far and Wide

By allocating alternate residency and citizenship assets into their portfolios, your clients unlock the freedom to travel, work remotely, live, invest and retire in highly desirable destinations around the world.


Your clients can earn sovereign residency rights in more than 30 countries around the world based on their professional (or ancestral) backgrounds, personal net worth, or specialized skills as well as through international investments in real estate, early-stage VC funds, or international business expansion.

Members can travel, work, live, invest, conduct business and retire in over 30 highly desirable destinations around the world.


Alternate Residency & citizenship assets

On-Demand Access

An Asset Class on the Rise

Nearly 40% of U/HNW investors own at least one global mobility asset.

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